Cyril Ramaphosa_ Education Trust (CRET) Bursary for 2020 – 2021

About Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust

Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation designed the Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) to help certified South African faculty students for higher employment qualifications. CRET not entirely appear for the top achievers but in addition for willdidates United Nations agency can exhibit the feasible to growth beneath the correct stipulations with acceptable support. CRET can offer now not entirely aid but in addition nurturing, mentorship, and psychological and social association. All recipients can have the likelihood to attend intensive excursion work trip programs double a year, for further tender capabilities education and networking opportunities. Recipients square measure in addition uncovered to team‐building activities, personal improvement as nicely as a substantiating menage atmosphere.
Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust Bursaries

The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) could be a program of the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation, helps worth South African freshmen from disadvantaged backgrounds to proceed with bigger coaching for employment skills improvement. CRET could be a non-profit leader that targets to reinforce lives and make prospects via coaching accessibility and enterprise growth.

After completion of the student’s qualification, exchequer recipients aren’t any longer needed to figure for the muse. additionally, CRET has no responsibility to grant employment prospects to the recipients. CRET will not obligate recipients to repay the amount invested with for his or her studies.
Bursary needs and Eligibility

Unemployed and full-time faculty students of sixteen to thirty twelve months historical United Nations agency want to pursue college boy analysis at a certified South African establishment
South African residents with a legitimate South African ID variety
Registered associated time-honored scholar at an accepted establishment
Demonstrate correct tutorial, biological process communique skills, leadership, excessive values, and empathic ability
Proven financial want
Applicants United Nations agency square measure faculty students or need to pursue analysis irrelevant and scarce skills as determined with the help of the Department of Labour, SETAs, and completely different labor/economic advisors, are going to be given preference
Students in any year of learning United Nations agency do not have bigger schooling qualification and is not any longer creating use of for postgraduate analysis square measure eligible to use
Applications for competencies improvement programs are going to be regarded based mostly altogether on the exchequer choice Committee requirements and selection results
Distance coaching and part-time faculty students might in addition apply as long as they meet all the requirements and eligibility
Recipients of bursaries or funding from completely different sources {might also|may in addition |may also|may additionally} additionally be regarded based totally on further want

How to Apply and Application Details

The CRET exchequer Application 2021 ought to need to be performed on-line at

Attach authorized copies of the subsequent documents:

A authorized replica of your ID document
A authorized duplicate of your grade eleven modern results, if presently in admission
A authorized replica of your admission trendy results, if presently in admission
A authorized duplicate of your admission certificate, if accomplished admission
A authorized replica of your full tutorial record, if gift at tertiary level
Proof of tertiary utility or acceptance
Parents / guardian’s ID documents
Proof of profits of parents/guardian


Where will potential faculty students find out further regarding the exchequer program?

You can get data regarding Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust BursaryProgramme at

What is learning regarding precedence areas?

CRET exchequer candidates may additionally observe to be told regarding any entry-level/first-time study module/undergraduate qualification of their want provided that the length of analysis is not any longer than five years and therefore the cluster is accepted by victimisation the applicable education authority.

Is the exchequer entirely given to freshman students?

Students in any twelve months of learning regarding square measure eligible to use, as prolonged because the soul will not already maintain a bigger schooling qualification and is not any longer creating use of for postgraduate studies.

Our distance coaching and part-time faculty students eligible for a bursary?

Yes, fitted out they’re eligible all told completely different respects.

Are recipients of various bursaries eligible to apply for a CRETbursary?

If associate soul has already been granted a exchequer, the CRET program might in addition replicate on thought on their software-based altogether on further want. However, any exchequer soul to the CRET Programme is prompted to possess incontestable package for various exchequer opportunities, consisting of NSFAS.

Will late functions be considered?

No. Applications shut on thirty November 2020 thus please observe sooner than the point in time.

How much is CRET exchequer worth?.

Institutions have distinct fee structures, therefore the whole price of a exchequer differs from cluster to establishment. CRETbursaries square measure personalised to cowl the profitable recipient’s illustration expenses., based mostly altogether on a personality estimation and needs demand.

What will the exchequer cover?

Expenses blanketed square measure supported want, however, may also incorporates tuition, books, and completely different mastering materials, lodging fees and meals, and therefore the place motivated , atiny low regular payment for residing expenses, established on completely different charges The allocation to anyone scholar is capped at a selected fee that is mentioned with the pupil before the language of a exchequer Agreement. This settlement is binding for one year.

Is a CRET exchequer recipient needed to serve at the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation, or its associate entities, upon completion of qualification?

Students square measure not beholden to figure for the muse upon the completion of their qualification and employment prospects square measure not assured by suggests that of the Trust.

Must a CRET exchequer be repaid?

No, the CRET exchequer will not de jure obligate exchequer recipients to repay the money invested with into their analysis upon completion of their favored qualification or failure to entire their studies. A exchequer is assigned on a completion date foundation but is renewable each year, depending on tutorial results, dedication to the program, communique policies, and completely different standards that square measure shared on the profitable language of a exchequer contract.

Are overseas faculty students eligible for a CRET bursary?

No, the CRET exchequer is entirely awarded to South African faculty students home and reading in allowable South African establishments. Study overseas or postgraduate study is in addition not thought of.

Opening & cut-off date
30 November 2020
Contact Details

Tel: eleven 592 6560